Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thank you for contributing to our Spring Event!

Our 3-Day SPRING SHOPPING FAIR was enjoyed by many and would not have been half the fun without so many that participated!

My sincere gratitude goes to MY FABULOUS STAFF, Cherie Murphy, Nancy Cox, and Kristie Erceg who worked hard both in preparation and during the event;

to Dawn Scully & Kim Samuels at EMBELLISH HOME ETC and Karol Gugino at ELEMENTS for their partnership in the Passport Event on the first day of our fair;

to Marcella Schannep for her help with publicity;

to our "Cotton Candy Boys" for all that they did (including acting as firemen);

to Janet Setterland of SETTERLAND DESIGNS for exhibiting her beautiful artwork;

to Elaine Taylor of ELAINE TAYLOR FINE FLOWERS for her inspiring spring floral demonstration;

to Annette Hartman & Chrystal VanVuren of ANNETTE HARTMAN CATERING for the gourmet "Fair Food" which was absolutely delicious and was presented so festively;

to Tom Gerlak of ICE T ICE ART for the amazing ice carving demonstration and beautiful centerpieces;

to Kim Rosborough of KIM ROSBOROUGH INTERIOR DESIGN for her inspirational designs showing current trends in home decor:

to Kathy Dwyer for putting together the DESIGNER TENT SALE;

and to Michelle Hinckley for doing a BLOGGER MEET AND GREET during our tent sale and featuring us on her blog, THREE MEN AND A LADY;

to Debby Larsen & Kathy Dwyer for photos;

and finally to my wonderful HUBBY, Thom Dwan, and MY FAMILY who helped tremendously with this event!

Wow! If this were the Academy Awards I would have been chased off stage with a thank you like that!

I would like to continue with a SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS who so sweetly share their positive comments, tell their friends about the store, and SHOP with us. Being a small, local business in a tough economy is challenging but because of you we are able to call our business a success! WE APPRECIATE YOU!

Have fun scrolling through the fun photos of the event.

If you missed it, please make sure that you sign up on our website at to get an invitation to the next event.
A "Fair Theme" was fun for Spring.

Our shoppers loved the new merchandise. The grand-prize winner of the Passport Shopping Event was SUSAN CAMPISANO. Susan had her passport stamped at all 3 stores - Elements, Embellish & A Fine Line and won a $100 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO EACH STORE. Have a fun shopping spree, Susan!
We are especially grateful to those that brought friends with them. We don't want to be a "best kept secret", we want everyone to know we are here. Besides, shopping is most fun when done with a friend!

Janet Setterland's display of handpainted furniture and original, signed plaques was a delight!

Elaine Taylor showed us how we can easily create our own spring bouquets by using different sized containers and fresh flowers grouped together. We love that she added a special little touch by incorporating some of our seasonal Spring decor!
Annette Hartman Catering put together festive "fair food" that was absolutely delicious. Her menu included Teriyaki Chicken on skewers, Pigs in a Blanket, Crudites in an ice dispenser, Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake on a stick, and a homemade Peach Cobbler bouquet.

Tom Gerlak of Ice T Ice Art provided these ice carving centerpieces. These are something I will definitely feature at my next party (Kara's Graduation Open House?). I used to think of Iie sculptures as being something for only the resorts or a corporate event. Not any more!

These centerpieces are affordable and stunning. They come with the drip tray and are up lit in different colors to add additional drama.
This was so fun to watch how Tom takes this sparkling block of clear ice and transforms it into a work of art. The guys especially loved the demonstration which involved lots of power tools!
Tah-Dah! A desert landscape!

Our "Designers Tent Sale" was a lot of fun! We had a fun assortment of resale furniture, architectural relics, and home decor. Repurposing old furniture is a fun way to go "green".
If you missed it we have a few pieces of furniture left that we need to get out of our "borrowed suite" next door so come by soon for a private showing! The wind didn't cooperate with us that weekend so the tent went down just about as quick as it went up!

Who does this? Decorates an empty retail suite for a 3 day sale? Ummm. Us!

A fabulous console table with iron legs used to live in Beverly Hills! It was a heavy piece to get home but so striking. I think it was worth it (maybe because I didn't do the heavy lifting!)

We'll keep in touch as new merchandise arrives in the store. Watch as the store is transformed from "Country Fair" to everything "Spring" - coming soon!


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  1. Looks awesome and, you have some great pieces! Wish I was closer by..