Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Designers Tent Sale

Please visit our DESIGNERS TENT SALE at A Fine Line this week on Thurs 10-7, Fri 10-5 & Sat 10-3, featuring treasures of all sorts! My friends beg to shop in my garage, so I'm bringing my garage to you! We'll have Chandeliers, Furniture, Accent Pieces, Architectural Relics and more!

We will also be featuring some pieces from Relish, Sandy Lehman (former owner of Shabby Hattie), and handpainted furniture by Janet Setterland. Preparation for this has been exhausting but it is going to be very fun. Please spread the word.

I'm not hip on garage sales but I LOVE a fabulous Antique & Flea Market. A lot of my treasures have been found at these venues! When I visit my daughter in Southern California a flea market is a must. They happen on Sundays in various locations. One of the largest (and most exciting) is the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena.

My two daughters accompanied me on my last trip.

I discovered one of our jewelry designers at a Flea Market. She travels France looking for fabulous French Medallions and then recasts them in sterling silver to create exciting new designs which we carry at AFL. I have a fetish for chandeliers (along with a few other things)! I have 2 crystal ones currently hanging in my garage that are waiting for a more permanent place inside our home.
My daughter, Amanda, is a pro at finding great things hidden in a pile of otherwise junkie pieces. I know she's found something wonderful when I hear, "Mom, I think you NEED this!" My husband reminds me that I don't NEED anything else since we can no longer get our cars in the garage!
Just posting these photos makes me happy. I'm re-living the whole flea market experience!

You might recognize a few of these pieces at the AFL Designers Tent Sale!

On my latest trip I had the pleasure of meeting Emily Henderson, HGTV's newest Design Star. She was shopping for treasures she'll be using on this seasons new show, "Secrets of a Stylist." It was fun to visit with her about what her life has been like since becoming a "star" and what is in store for her show. I can't wait to see that bookshelf that I tripped over featured on TV.

"Secrets of a Stylist" airs on Sundays on HGTV. I missed the premier last week but made sure that my DVR is set from now on.
Getting my purchases home is always a challenge! I'm trying to limit my buying to small items, whenever possible.

But sometimes I just can't resist a fabulous headboard that is beging for a paint job or tall wicker night stands that will be perfect in the guest room that I hope to have some day...

I'm looking forward to seeing you at the AFL DESIGNERS TENT SALE starting TOMORROW!



PS - Don't forget that KIM ROSBOROUGH will be presenting a mini-decorating seminar on FRIDAY at 10:30 at AFL. Her topic "Updating your Home for Spring" is a fabulous one. She'll share current style trends and give some great tips on how to freshen up your home without having to launch an entire redecorating project. Please call to reserve a seat - 721.2500.

PPS - We've got a MEET & GREET with MICHELLE HINCKLEY scheduled for Saturday at 10:30 in the Designers Tent. View her blog, THREE MEN AND A LADY, at

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