Sunday, October 2, 2011

BootyWrap? What is that?

Look!  On that woman ... It's a sweater! ... It's a fanny pack!... It's a BootyWrap!  The newest way to carry all of your essentials without carrying a purse - and the only place you can find them in Arizona is at A Fine Line.

It looks like a sweater wrapped around your waist, but is not as bulky.  It has zippered pockets which can hold your keys, money, cell phone, credit cards, driver's license, i-pod, tampons - any number of items.  It is fashionable, slimming and ingenious...

...Is it any wonder this is one of Oprah's Favorite Things?

If you are like the rest of us at A Fine Line, the question is not "Where would I use this?", but "Where would I NOT use this?"  Hiking, shopping, travel, carpooling, at the gym, yoga class, errands, theme parks.  Anywhere you want to be hands-free and have your essentials within easy reach.  The BootyWrap is meant to be tied around your waist, covering your bum in a stylish, non-bulky, slimming fashion.  And it is machine washable!

A Fine Line is pleased to be Arizona's first and exclusive distributor of the BootyWrap.  They are currently available in Electric Blue, White, Black and Slate.  In Small, Medium and Large sizes, they are designed to fit sizes 0-24.  In addition to the one that you'll need for yourself, they also make great gifts.  Visit A Fine Line today while the selection of colors and sizes lasts.

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