Friday, August 20, 2010

And the winner is...

Our Fine Line staff had the opportunity of hosting a booth at the Bridal Expo at the TCC this month. Our own Nancy (we've nicknamed her "Fancy Nancy" because everything she creates is fabulous) put together this wedding dress made entirely of paper. People who stopped by the booth were able to write down their tips, advice and ideas pertaining to weddings and marriage that adorned the skirt of the dress (see ideas below). Three names were drawn to win special wedding day goodies from A Fine Line.

Without further adieu...the winner of our Bridal Expo Drawing is:
1st Place winner is Heather! 3 Boxes of Crane Hand-Bordered Notes with silver or Gold Edging with in-store personalization.

2nd Place winner is Gina! A Pair of Champagne Flutes from Barraveld

3rd place winner is Lindsey! A Bridal Essential Survival Kit

Congratulations winners. And thank you for all that entered and shared your ideas with us. Here are a few of the lovely ideas submitted.

1. Send two waves of invitations. If you know certain are a definite “no”, send theirs first. Every time you get a “No” RSVP, send another invitation to the second wave. - Kirsten

2. Include your groom because he can be very good at the leg work. – Carolyn

3. Massage therapies to calm wedding jitters and celebrate. Maybe a couples massage, or a massage at a pre-wedding party. – Deborah

4. “Pick your battles and you’ll win the war” – Gina

5. Display family wedding pictures (grandparents, parents, etc.) around the cake table. – Melissa
6. Sock Party – Have a tree at the bridal shower and have guests bring a colorful sock filled with candy and one honeymoon idea for the bride. – Sherry

7. Fun in Las Vegas – “I”

8. Let go of the little stuff. – Brittni

9. Do something “fun” that is NOT wedding related two days before your wedding day so you are refreshed for the big day. - Heather

10. For your escort table, create a dress using the place cards and ribbons. Display it on a mannequin. – Amanda

11. For party favors, personalized Frisbees. – Leighton

12. A post-wedding family reunion. It’s a great, casual way for everyone to meet. – Laura

13. “Pot Luck” party – Bring a favorite dish to share with a recipe card to leave with bride and groom. – Toney

14. Go for a trail ride in the mountains. – Shannon

15. San Pedro Chapel for an historic Tucson experience. Feast Catering for the reception! – Sarah

16. Fireworks show outside of reception hall. – Alexandra

17. French vanilla with strawberry champagne mousse for your wedding cake from busy B’s Bakery - Anonymous
18. Create a “Marriage Rules” book with funny stories of how you as a couple handle life together (ex. Money, traveling, shopping, etc.) – Roni

19. For reception centerpieces, use pretty vases with Betta fish swimming in them. – Sarah

20. For centerpieces, use a pretty basin with dry ice. – Mattea

21. Live fire centerpieces – mini basins with black glass sand and a gas fire. – Sarah

22. Train your dog to be your ring bearer. – Veronica

23. For an actual Disney theme wedding, have an Alice in Wonderland tea party and have all bridesmaids dress the part. – Teresa

24. Bachelorette party/Day – enjoy spa treatments and a catered dinner. – Kamie

25. Cupcakes for your wedding cake. - Faybra

26. Instead of tossing the bouquet, do an “Anniversary Dance” to give the bouquet to the longest-married couple. – Monique

27. Celebrate your one-year anniversary with a weekend stay at Acacia Inn Bed and Breakfast for champagne, berries, dinner and breakfast. – Anonymous

28. “Dancing Shoes” – flip flops as party favors. – Rachael

29. Mani/pedi with wine party – Hannah

30. Make a wedding website! Helps family and friends around the country (or world) stay updated on all the details. is a great place to start! – Jacqueline

31. Party gift/favor – Soap in a cone. Place hand-made soaps in a paper cone, fill and stuff with raffia. – Jan

32. Yummm … Frost mobile catering. – Lindsey

33. If you are stuck on ideas for your wedding, have a “brainstorming” party with your bridal party over wine and cheese. – Anna

34. Bachelorette party – wine tour and tasting in southern AZ. – Connie

35. Dallas Cowboys themed wedding – Go Cowboys! “rlu

36. Karaoke competition – Anna

37. Have a brother/sister dance as well as the Father/Bride dance. – Jetzabel

38. The best gift a man can give his children is to love their mother. – Marcie

39. The husband always answers “Yes, Dear”. – Danielle

40. Carry a fan with your bouquet. – Alaina

41. Bridesmaid nail/spa party with mobile salon services. – Amanda

42. Create small signs in your theme colors to put on the tables – “thank you”, “smile”, other wishes for the guest and/or the bride and groom. Be sure to use fine papers. – Jeanne

43. Place a silk flower monogram behind your wedding cake. – Becky

44. Passion Party. – Anonymous

45. The three magic words for my husband – “Yes, My Dear” – Connie

46. Make a checklist and mark things off as you. – Tori

47. Bachelorette sleep-over or Bridesmaid luncheon at Acacia B&B. – Anonymous

48. Beautiful views, gorgeous pictures, golf and a perfect wedding at Hacienda Del Lago. - Anonymous

Got a great wedding day tip or idea? Leave us a comment on this post. We'd love to hear it!

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