Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Mirrors are not only functional but they are a great decorating accessory. Style and character of the mirror sets the mood of the room (rustic vs. refined, modern vs. traditional, etc). Place a mirror in a room to reflect a beautiful object (i.e. across the room from a beautiful outdoor view, reflecting a special piece of furniture, etc.) and to bring more light into a room. They look great hung over a chest, console, fireplace or even a bed (as displayed here in our store).

This heart-shaped mirror is imported from Belgium.
If you are a fan of Belgium Style check out Cote De Texas Blog for some great decorating ideas.

The mirrors that we have for sale have come from various places and are of varying style. The thing that they have in common is their character. The mirrors shown are priced from approximately $175 - $425.

Visit a Fine Line Paperie and Gift Boutique to shop our beautiful mirrors.

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